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Ninja Ballet, a New York-based performing arts company.
A fusion of Eastern and Western dance methodology, performance, and practice, Ninja Ballet seeks to bridge the gap between Classical Ballet and Martial Arts, to create a new genre. 'Swan Lake' meets 'The Matrix’. Our performers blur the line between what's real and what's possible, as technological advancements create new and exciting interactive performance capabilities in theater spaces. Fire, weapons, acrobatics; Any of these things might be a tool for the Ninja Ballet Performer. In our School, you learn the expect the unexpected.

Our Mission
Ninja Ballet's mission is to create a performing arts company that will show the world how dance can self sustain while enriching our lives. To create and experiment with new movements in Classical Ballet , Traditional Martial Arts, and Circus. To join East with West, fusing energy without losing identity. To establish The School of Ninja Ballet, and pass on knowledge of Ninja Ballet Arts.