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Introduction To Our Dance Techniques.

Sample title

10-finger fire piece

Mixture of classical ballet forms with lower body & upper body movements of chi gong, taichi and Chinese martial art forms, while working with 10 flames

Sample title

Light Stick Martial Art Piece

5-foot LED staff mixing upper body Chinese martial art with lower body using classical ballet techniques to create fusion style of movements

Sample title

Ground/Floor Ninja Work

Contemporary flow work mixed with proprietary choreography inspired by Ninjutsu martial art

Sample title

Ninja Ballet Company Piece

Original performance of 5-10 dancers and 5-10 instruments blending ballet and martial arts with eastern music meeting western influences

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Theaters Ninja Ballet

Performed at world-class venues such as Lincoln Center and the Royal Opera House. We cater today to avant-garde theaters around the world.

Fashion Events

Fashion Events Ninja Ballet

Servicing leading fashion events, on stage performances at Fashion Weeks or live Fashion TV Shows. Gates they had met before.

Art Exhibits

Art Exhibits Ninja Ballet

Catering to exclusive art galleries in global centers such as New York, London, Paris, Vienna, Budapest, Tokyo, or Hong Kong. you my story.

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